Measuring technology for flow rate, mass flow rate and flow velocity

Vane wheel probes / insertion probes / flow meters water, liquids and gases

Vane wheel flow meters designed as insertion probes are suitable for both fixed and portable applications for flow measuring in gases and liquids / water, as well as for Ex requirements (ATEX, CSA).

These flow quantity meters designed as probes can be used in pipes or ducts with an inside diameter equal to or greater than 40 mm and are anchored with a pressure resistant probe guide piece. Alternatively, these flow rate sensors can be manually operated for applications in fixed free flows for gases, water and in liquids or for measuring fluid flow. Probe extensions are available for deeper insertion of the flow sensors in the medium, for instance water, or for measuring gas emissions in chimney stacks and channels in incineration plants.

Vane wheel flow meters can be put to their best advantage in applications in demineralized, purified water, as electromagnetic flow meters cannot be used in these conditions due to their conductivity.

Höntzsch vane wheel insertion probes are also ideally suited for fixed measuring of actual flow velocity and flow rate in clean gases and liquids / water and even briefly in particle-laden media.

Probe diameters of the vane wheel flow meters: 16, 25 and 30 mm.
Standard measuring ranges: 3, 20, 40, 80 and 120 m/s.

Further possible applications: system measurements, fish ladders, blowdown lines, .....