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17.02.2016 10:39

Höntzsch extends DAkkS accreditation for flow rate calibration of gases

Höntzsch GmbH has been setting standards in quality and precision in the production and calibration of flow sensors for the past 50 years. To coincide with this anniversary the already existing DAkkS accreditation for flow velocity has been extended to encompass flow, flow rate as well as mass flow of gases.

"Our longstanding expertise is now available as a manufacturer-independent service to all customers. With the extension of the scope of accreditation we can expand our calibration range", says managing director Thomas Itte. "We are one of the most precise accredited calibration laboratories worldwide."

The calibration portfolio for the flow velocity of gases, based on DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005, covers the range 0.1 to 70 m/s with a measurement uncertainty of 0.5 %. In the case of the flow rate of flowing gases the DAkkS accredited range lies between 5 and 5,500 m³/h. Likewise, mass flow rates of 2.0 to 6,600 kg/h can be calibrated with a measurement uncertainty of  0.25 %. 

The Höntzsch calibration laboratory also provides a comprehensive service spectrum of ISO and factory calibrations on numerous other test benches, such as calibration of the flow rate for air and other inert gases with pressures up to10 bar. A measuring range of 0.06 to 5,500 m³/h is covered for the flow rate of atmospheric air. Real gas calibrations of various gases, such as argon, propane, hydrogen, natural and landfill gas, helium and inert gases in a range from 0.06 to 100 m³/h are possible. The portfolio includes calibration in water and liquids and also of temperature probes.

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