Vortex measuring instrument for flow rate and Flow velocity in air and gases

Gas flow meter as insertion probe / measure flow rate of gas with insertion probe

Vortex meters are suitable for both fixed and portable measuring of flow in gases, even if they contain particles and/or condensate.

Vortex flowmeters for gas can be used in measuring tubes with an ID equal to or greater than 80 mm. Even flow measuring in smoke stacks with a diameter of several meters or large channels is possible. Process connection is via a probe guide piece. Alternatively, the gas flow meters can be hand-operated for portable applications, such as determining flow profiles.

Whether in burner control systems in rotary furnaces or the filtering of waste gases, these vortex gas flow meters can be used when flow measurement in dust-laden and hot gases is a necessity.

The standard measuring range is 0.5 ... 40 m/s, optionally up to 60 or rather 80 m/s.