Vortex measuring instrument for flow rate and Flow velocity in air and gases

Inline sensors / Measuring tubes

Vortex flow rate measuring tubes are suitable for measuring both low and high rates of gas flows, are as standard available with inside diameters of 25, 40, 50, 80 and 100 mm (special constructions and ExactFLow II up to 200 mm) and, in addition, pressure loss is marginal.

The UVA transducer is integrated and delivers a flow rate-proportional analog output, a quantity pulse or limit value and, if applicable, the +/-direction of flow.

Standard connection is via flange or quick action tension ring.

By way of example, Höntzsch vortex flow rate measuring tubes (ExactFlow II) demonstrate their strong point on engine test benches, measuring the engine intake air mass flow with exceptional long-term stability. With this application, a preferably constant measurement uncertainty < 1% is required, for the entire duration of operation. Thermal flow sensors are here at a disadvantage as, due to the slight oil content in the intake air, the deviation increases considerably over the duration.

Measuring range: 0.7 … 4470 m³/h (5360 kg/h)