Vane wheel probe TSTSR ZG1 - Höntzsch

Probe TS/TSR ... ZG1

Probe TS/TSR ... ZG1

Probe TS/TSR ... ZG1 - for aerodynamic analysis - with connection cable

Compared to ZS cylindrical probes, TS and TSR probes offer a significantly lower sensitivity to indirect oncoming flow, so that they can be used when the direction of flow is not known. TSR probes are able to sense the +/- direction of flow appropriately signed.

Sensor material: stainless steel.

Working temperature range up to +125/+260 °C.

Suitable for fixed and portable measuring of flow velocity v [m/s] in clean gases, briefly in particle-laden gases.

Signal evaluation with handheld flowtherm NT.2, flowtherm Ex, transducer UFA and system units.