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Please complete and enclose this
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Declaration of Hazard Potential

Our services include:

  • Calibration

    To achieve exact results over a long period of time instruments should be calibrated at regular intervals. Determining these intervals is the responsibility of the user and depends on a number of factors: prior to a significant change in application conditions; environmental factors; potential damage caused by values being outside the specified tolerance due to one of these factors. Standards, directives or legal requirements may also be a determining factor for recalibration.
  • DAkkS Calibration

    In the scope of flow velocity measuring of gases in ranges from 0.1 m/s to 70 m/s, we set standards in measurement uncertainties. A calibration service consisting of receiving inspection, maintenance and adjustment, including DAkkS calibration (formerly DKD calibration) can now be carried out in just one process in our calibration laboratory traceable to national standards.
  • Inspection / Servicing / Assessment

    Contamination, wear and tear, applications in an aggressive medium, are just some of the factors in support of regular maintenance. Servicing intervals are to be determined by the user.
  • Repairs

    We offer a reliable service should repair be necessary.

  • Commissioning

    We offer professional on-site support for initial start-up of our measuring technology.

For a speedy evaluation and repair we need:

  • your order (with contact person in case of technical queries)
  • a short but precise description of functional defects (if necessary supported by photos, measurement report, etc.)
  • completed Declaration of Hazard Potential

If required, an "as found" calibration can be carried out, which means the sensor is calibrated as delivered. The advantage of this being, that if an error of measurement is detected, it can be evaluated accurately and corrected.

Please ensure that equipment to be returned is adequately packed for transport.



Declaration of Hazard Potential