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New software version for flowtherm NT

A new flowtherm NT software (version 2.01) is now available.
Improvements and advantages include:

- simultaneous display of up to three units of flow (previously just one unit)
- standard conditions adjustable at will
- integrated counter with number of decimal places variable (0 to 2)
- rejection of values in single measurement mode
- additional unit N-l/min in vane wheel and vortex modes
- improved menu navigation
- quicker data logger switch on (less keystrokes)
- memory capacity in % when switching on data logger
- plausibility check when entering numerical values
- various improvements, modifications and textual amendments

The HLOG II software (version 1.4) has also been updated so that all new functions in their entirety can be used at PC level (version 1.4). HLOG II is entirely downwardly compatible, so that existing equipment and versions can be managed without difficulty.



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