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Measuring methods at a glance

Vane Wheel FA

Flow rate and flow velocity in pipes and ducts, measuring flow profiles, aerodynamic research, measuring laminar flow, also at high gas temperatures, landfill gas, exhaust gas,…

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Vortex VA

Flow rate and flow velocity measurement in wet and/or particulate-laden gases, biogas or exhaust gas, also according to Clean Air Guidelines, (TA Luft). Flow rate measurement of…

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Thermal TA

Fixed and portable measurement of consumption quantity in compressed air and other clean gases; Measurement of laminar flow in clean rooms, under fan-filter-units; flow measurement…

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Ultrasonic UA test benches

Measuring tube ExactSonic P - for test bench applications e.g. for long-term stable engine intake air flow measurements and measurements on turbocharger, valve or filter test…

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Ultrasonic UA Liquids

Flow rate measuring in liquid-filled pipes, HVAC systems, verification of pump and operational systems, boiler tests, leak detection, filter sizing, testing fire and hydraulic…

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Höntzsch flow rate measuring instruments and flow meters in use worldwide are our guarantee for increased process liability and plant safety. International customer satisfaction and confidence in our wide range of flow sensors is perfect proof.

Our flow sensors and flow rate measuring instruments demonstrate their strengths and outstanding excellence even for applications requiring extreme specifications and measurement requirements. Some examples are: explosive atmospheres, aggressive mediums, gases with temperatures up to 550 °C, mediums with particle or condensate content, high flow velocities up to 200 m/s, pipe flows with changing gas compositions or flow direction, and many more. The main focus of the flow rate measuring instruments here in use is measurement of gas flow rate. Höntzsch also offers a wide spectrum of flow rate measuring instruments and flow sensors for measuring the flow rate of liquids. 

We are continually working towards new product development and solutions. Our dedicated team of experts in the field of equipment design, electronic systems and flow technology is committed to ensuring that our innovative flow sensors and flow rate meters are designed using the best available technology and development tools and comply with national and international directives and laws. For the most part, flow and flow rate measurement tasks require individual expert advice together with a customer-specific solution: Just ask us - we have it!

Fixed or portable flow rate measurement / flow measuring – even under extreme conditions!

Whether under our own direction, in cooperation with our clients, renowned research establishments, partners in industry or suppliers, our objective is always to design and develop measuring instruments which will meet the future requirements of our customers. Höntzsch flow rate meters can be found in many different industrial sectors and are available for various specifications. Fixed or portable measurement of flow or flow rate, a high-precision flowmeter or a highly accurate flow rate measuring instrument: Höntzsch is always your competent partner.

Where other suppliers have reached their limits, Höntzsch rises to the challenge. Benefit from our application know-how, expert advice and economic solutions. Take advantage of our strengths, especially where exact flow rate and flow measuring of gases under extreme conditions is concerned.

Höntzsch with its products is a leading manufacturer in the field of flow measuring technology, producing a large variety of high-quality flow sensors for customer-specific requirements.

Our application-specific, high precision instruments for measuring the flow velocity and flow rate of gases can be used in many industrial sectors such as chemical, pharmaceutical, automotive, and semiconductor industries as well as in power stations, waste water and biogas plants, waste disposal, landfill sites, to name just a few.

Product comparison

Fixed or portable measurement? Customised solutions for maximum precision and economic efficiency.

Probes / Insertion Sensors

Vane wheel flow sensor FA Vortex flow sensor VA Thermal flow sensor TA10 Thermal flow sensor TA20

Inline Sensors / Measuring Tubes

Vane wheel flow sensor FA Di Vortex flow sensor VA Di Thermal flow sensor TA Di ULTRASONIC FLOW METER EXACTSONIC II