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Flow sensors with M-Bus interface

Höntzsch thermal flow sensors as insertion probe (TA10 ZG2b) and measuring tube (TA Di) are now available with M-Bus technology.

What is an M-Bus?
The M-Bus – short for "Meter-Bus" and sometimes written "MBus" - is a data transfer communication system for sundry sensors and actuators. This field bus, which falls in the category reverse polarity protected two-wire bus, is described in the European standard EN 13757 for remote reading of heat meters and can be used in all types of consumption meters. Whether for measuring compressed air, readout of heat, electricity, gas or water meters, the M-Bus interface is becoming more and more important in the energy sector with regard to consumption data logging. A special feature of the M-Bus is the remote reading, which enables the collected data to be transmitted via other devices, thereby replacing manual and error-prone readout with an automated system. With the variable transfer rate neither long distances nor short data readout times are alien concepts.

Höntzsch flow sensors with M-Bus Technology
Höntzsch thermal sensors with M-Bus interface are available with adjustable primary address as well as with optional secondary addressing. This enhanced identification record can address a considerably higher number of field devices with only a slightly slower read out speed. Thanks to the M-Bus technology you are just a click away from having the most important information such as meter readings and actual consumption values immediately at your fingertips.

As a result of the German Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG) and the extent of the feed-in tariffs, compliance with an Energy Management System (ISO 50001) and implementation of the technical requirements play an increasingly important roll for industries with high energy demands to continually improve economic performance.

Höntzsch meets these requirements with its new M-Bus flow sensors. With the new standardized interface our thermal flow sensors for compressed air and ultra-pure gases can now be easily connected to already available consumption data loggers via M-Bus.

New display and operating concept for U10M
The enhanced version of the thermal flow sensor with M-Bus is now available with display and operating module for visualisation of the counter and textual as well as graphic display of the instantaneous values. Furthermore, infos on the operational status can be retrieved. The in line with NE 107 devised display and operating module with its fully graphic 132x32 pixel display, white backlight and weatherproof 4-key membrane keypad, is extremely user-friendly. The intuitive operating menu enables quick and easy configuration via the four with software and hardware lockable keys.

Further information about Höntzsch sensors with M-Bus interface can be found here:

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Thermal Measuring Tube TA Di

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