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Welcome to Höntzsch : The home of flow measuring technology

Company History 
Established 1966 – trading in flow measuring technology.
In 1976 - design, development and production of the first Höntzsch own flow sensors. Since then continuous new product development and expansion of on-site production in Waiblingen.

DMT GmbH & Co. KG

Jürgen Lempp

Field of business activities
Design & development, production and distribution of innovative products in the field of flow rate and flow measuring technology.

Our strengths
40 years’ experience in solving complex measuring tasks in the field of flow measuring technology.

in 25 countries.

Your success is our business ...

... and therefore we regard it as our responsibility to tailor customer demands on our products and services to their individual needs and utmost satisfaction!

Since 1976 we have been designing, producing and distributing innovative products in the field of flow measuring technology. Our focus is on compliance with quality standards and precision measuring techniques, our aim being to solve your problems both efficiently and cost-effectively. Certificates, accreditations and standards such as ATEX, SIL, DGRL, CSA (all measuring instruments with Ex-d housing), BImSchV, ISO 9001, DAkkS and DKD membership are proof of this. Click here for more details about our calibration laboratory.

Manufactured from high-quality materials such as aluminium, stainless steel, Hastelloy, titanium und tantalum, our flow sensors have high life expectancy even under the most adverse operating conditions.

Especially in applications with extreme demands, our sensors demonstrate their outstanding strength, for instance in explosive atmospheres, in aggressive mediums, gases with temperatures up to 550 °C, at high flow velocities up to 200 m/s or in pipe flows with changing gas compositions or direction of flow.

When others have reached their limits, we rise to the challenge! Flow measuring technology for specialized measuring tasks is our vocation, whether at high pressures up to 50 bar, at low flow velocities and marginal flow rates or in gases with ammonia, butadiene, hydrogen, and many others.
We also supply flow sensors specially designed for specific applications with heavy contamination and high dust content.

Benefit from our technical know-how, expert advice and economic solutions.

We are always on hand to help – just put us to the test!

The Management
Jürgen Lempp 


As a company of the TÜV NORD GROUP, Höntzsch GmbH & Co. KG, the TÜV NORD GROUP Ombudsman is available as an external contact for employees, customers and business partners to combat corruption, human rights and environmental violations, in addition to the internal responsible contact points. You can find more details here.