flowtherm Ex: The new handheld unit for all measured variables in explosive atmospheres

The latest Höntzsch development: flowtherm Ex is a multifunctional handheld unit with data logger for measuring flow rate, flow velocity, temperature, pressure, and many other variables in hazardous areas.


This user-friendly unit, which was developed with the latest safety standards in mind, excels thanks to the diversity of connectable sensors (vane wheel, vortex, thermal, Pt100 and any other physical sensor with analog output) thus allowing for a wide range of applications. Measuring can be carried out and displayed with up to three sensors simultaneously. The data logger offers storage space for 40,000 values with date and time and likewise up to 100 different user profiles or measuring points. Users have the choice between instantaneous value measurement and diverse long-term measuring modes. The unit can be configured easily using the USB interface and the stored data can be transmitted to a PC in the same way.


The flowtherm Ex has the following inputs: Höntzsch flow sensors (FA, TA, VA), Pt100 (2-, 3-, 4-wire technique), 4-20 mA and 0-10 V. A power supply for Pt100 sensors as well as for non-Höntzsch sensors with 4-20 mA or 0-10 V output is available. Power supply for applications within the hazardous are is with standard AA batteries and is also possible via the integrated USB connection outside the hazardous area.


Measuring applications with the flowtherm Ex are manifold: gas mass flow and flow rate in air, exhaust air, process gases, particle and condensate laden emissions, vehicle exhaust emissions, in aggressive gases with high working temperatures and, most importantly, in the hazardous area Zone 1, et al.


ATEX-approved for potentially explosive atmospheres: II 2G Ex ib IIC T4


That is why the new handheld flowtherm Ex lends itself especially for measuring on gas blow-outs and in gassing of utility gas pipelines, in hazardous areas of all industrial branches, municipal utilities and public authorities as well as for research and development.


The flowtherm Ex is also ideally suited for measuring in conveying air containing cement, carbon, dust or toner and on filters and ventilators. Further fields of application are the system method for determining the flow rate or average flow velocity of single measurements and measuring the current velocity in bodies of water.









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