Höntzsch sets new standards with its flowtherm NT!

The beginning of 2011 saw the launch of an exciting new product at Höntzsch GmbH - the flowtherm NT- a multifunctional hand-held unit with data logger for measuring flow rate, flow velocity, temperature, pressure and many other variables.

A number of special features render the flowtherm NT user-friendly with a wide range of applications, due to the diversity of the connectable sensors (vane wheel, vortex, thermal, Pt100 and other sensors with analog output). Measuring can be carried out and displayed with up to three sensors simultaneously. The data logger allows up to 40,000 values with date and time to be saved. In addition, up to 100 different profiles for user or measuring point can be stored and selected among various measuring modes (incl. long-term measurement). Using the USB interface the logged data can be simply transferred to the PC and the device can be configured. Furthermore the new flowtherm NT has the following inputs: flow sensors (FA, TA, VA); Pt100; 4-20 mA; 0-10 V. For connecting sensors in 3-wire system a 12 V power supply is available. The device features two 0-10 V analog outputs. Energy supply is either via mains or battery operation.

The flowtherm NT can be used for measuring tasks in all industrial branches, municipal facilities and public authorities as well as in research and development; for measuring gas mass flow and flow measurement in air, exhaust air, process gases, particulate and condensate laden emissions, exhaust emissions and aggressive gases with high working temperatures; in conveying air containing cement, carbon or toner as well as measuring tasks around filters and ventilators. Likewise using the system method to determine the flow rate or average flow velocity of single measurements and measuring the current velocity in bodies of water.

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