New Polymer vortex sensor for highly aggressive gases in the chemical industry, petrochemistry, semiconductor industry, electroplating, …

Applications in halogenated gases usually don’t allow metallic materials.

Therefore we developed a polymer vortex sensor especially for these kinds of applications. The only parts contacting the medium are the sensor body made of high-performance polymer, the transducer made of aluminium oxide ceramics and seals made of fluororubber.

Over the course of several months this design proved itself in field evaluations with monochloraecetic acid and can now be used in other locations and applications. Furthermore the sensor has a low starting value of 0.5 m/s (measuring range: 0.5 up to 40 m/s, optionally up to 60 m/s) and is suited for the use in ex-protection zones category 3G and 3D (zone 2 and zone 22) and up to SIL2/SC3. It is the perfect sensor for chlorine or hydrogen chloride process gases and hydrochloric acid steam in scrubbers and RTOs specifically as an alternative to sensors made out of tantalum.  


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