Vane wheel anemometer in optimised design for measurement of flow even at very low flow velocities and also in demanding oncoming flow conditions

[Translate to English:] Flügelrad Anemometer Makro TS 90/80

The vane wheel anemometers TS 90/80 are able to measure flows starting at 0.2 m/s. They’re suited for fixed and portable measurements of actual flow velocity in clean gases, short-term also in contaminated media.

Compared to insertion probes, TS probes are less sensitive to indirect oncoming flow, which allows them to be used in applications where the direction of flow is unknown. They are temperature resistant up to +125 °C.

They’re mostly used in the following fields of application: measuring flow velocity e.g. of air, vehicle wind tunnel tests, measuring air flow patterns of components in aircraft, measurements at workplaces and in vehicle interior, measurements on ventilation and air conditioning systems, net measurements on large inlets and outlets, aerodynamic investigations, measurement of laminarflow and air stream fans.

Other advantages besides the low sensitivity to indirect oncoming flow and the temperature resistance up to +125 °C is a low pressure drop thanks to flow-optimised design, very low starting value and corrosion resistance. Furthermore the probe operates to a large extent irrespective of gas density and composition. It has a turndown ratio up to 1:125 and is also available for the use in ATEX category 2G (zone 1).

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