Flow measurement in ventilation of fuel cells

Measuring of the ventilation of the installation rooms or housings of fuel cells

Process data

Measuring task:
monitoring of the forced ventilation

Measuring point:
In the ventilation pipes

Measuring range:
0,5 … 20 m/s

Process pressure:

Process environment:
Typically ATEX zone
Potential fractions of hydrogen
Partially SIL2 required

Recommended products


To ensure hazard free operation of the environmental friendly fuel cell technology, it is necessary to monitor the ventilation of the installation spaces. This control prevents the emergence of potential hazardous atmospheres. The potential loading with hydrogen sets high demands for the sensors and restricts the function of some measuring principles. The Höntzsch vortex sensors are outstanding suitable for monitoring the forced ventilation and available with SIL2 certification.


The prescribed/desired gas exchange is ensured by means of the measurement

With our sensors, you ensure the ventilation function permanently

Sensors to monitor aeration/ventilation are also available for ATEX zones up to 0/1