Vane wheel probe ZS25 ZG1 - Höntzsch

Probe ZS25 ... ZG1

Probe ZS25 ... ZG1

Probe ZS25 ... ZG1 - standard for fixed and portable measuring - with connection cable

Cylindrical vane wheel sensor / insertion probe with probe diameter 25 mm.

Probe materials: aluminium, stainless steel or titanium.

Working temperature range up to +500 °C.

Suitable for fixed and portable measuring of actual flow velocity v [m/s] and flow rate V/t [m³/h, l/min] in clean gases and liquids, briefly also in particle-laden mediums. They are extendable and therefore practical for applications in smoke stacks, etc.

Signal evaluation with handheld flowtherm NT.2, flowtherm Ex, transducer UFA and system units.


Examples for common applications:

Gas ejection blowers in natural gas pipelines
Measuring landfill gas
Flow measurement in flowing waters
Measuring flow in quenching basins