Thermal Probe TA10 ... ZG2d - Höntzsch

Thermal Probe TA10 ... ZG2d

Thermal Probe TA10 ... ZG2d

Thermal Probe TA10 ... ZG2d - standard compact sensor

Thermal flow sensor in probe design with shaft diameter 10 mm and transducer U10b integrated in the connection housing. For applications in pipes with inside diameter from 25 mm.

Measuring instruments having a WiFi interface can be accessed by a web-enabled device via the web interface. It is also possible to check and transfer performance data and to change the device settings. With this new generation of sensors the same unit can be used for a variety of gases also in ex-applications categories 3G and 3D (zone 2 and zone 22). Recalibration or return to the manufacturer when there’s a change of gas won’t be necessary anymore. Only the adequate gas characteristics stored in the device have to be set on the sensor.

Probe material: stainless steel.
Working temperature range -10 ... +140 °C.
Pressure resistance up to 16 bar.

Measuring of air/gas velocity, compressed air and gas consumption, leakage flows, laminar flow in clean rooms or machines, in outgoing air, burner supply air, in HVAC systems and air in the low vacuum range at pressures greater than 200 hPa absolute.

Output signals:

  • 2 analog outputs 4-20 mA - parameters freely adjustable
  • relay for quantity pulse, limit value
  • WiFi interface (optional)
  • M-Bus (optional). Click here for more M-Bus information

Configurable via an optional keypad in the housing lid or via WiFi interface.


Examples for common applications:

Thermal post-combustion after chemical installations
Environmental management DIN EN ISO 50001 / Measurement of compressed air consumption
Sludge aeration air in sewage plants
Visualising rotational flow in gas flows


Measuring range

0.2 ... 200 m/s

Pressure resistance

up to 16 bar / 1.6 MPa above atmospheric

Media temperature

-10 ... +140 °C


air (compressed air), nitrogen, methane, natural gas, propane, butane
argon, carbon dioxide, sulphur hexafluoride, helium, hydrogen, landfill gas, oxygen, …

Displayed indicators

Standard flow velocity [Sm/s],
Standard flow rate [Sm³/h] or [Sl/min],
mass flow rate [kg/h],
standard volume [Sm³],
Temperature [° C, ° F],
With optional M-Bus: standard flow rate, mass flow rate, standard volume.

IP protection type

IP65 (connection housing)

Type of protection

ATEX category 3G and 3D (zone 2 and 22) (optional)

Sensor output

2 analog output 4-20 mA, linear, freely configurable
relay for quantity pulse
WiFi (optional)
M-Bus (optional)