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Vortex Measuring Tube ExactFlow II

Vortex Measuring Tube ExactFlow II

Vortex Measuring Tube ExactFlow II - for test bench measurements

Vortex measuring tube ExactFlow II - for test bench applications such as measuring of engine intake air flow rate and on measurements on turbocharger, valve and filter test stands.

Measuring tube diameter 50, 80, 100, 150 and 200 mm. UVATP transducer integrated in the connection housing for determining the gas mass flow of actual flow rate, working pressure and temperature. Tube design with cone/intermediate flange and connection with tension rings or chains.

Output signals:
- 2x analog outputs 4 - 20 mA: 1x 'short time constant', 1x 'high precision'
- gas mass flow pulse or limit value (configurable)
- parameter setting via RS232 interface with UCOM VTP software and programming adapter

Conform to e-CFR Part 1065.

For bidirectional dynamic measurements ExactSonic P is available as an alternative.

Examples for common applications:

Air mass flow measurement of the intake air of combustion engines

Measuring range

4 ... 4520 m³/h
5 ... 5420 kg/h

Pressure resistance

up to 1.2 bar / 120 kPa overpressure

Media temperature

-20 ... +80 °C



Displayed indicators

gas mass flow m/t, standard flow rate NV/t, actual flow rate V/t, working pressure p, working temperature t

IP protection type

IP65 (connection housing)

Sensor output

2 analog outputs 4 - 20 mA
gas mass flow proportional
gas mass pulse or limit value (configurable)
RS232 interface