Exhaust air monitoring by means of Höntzsch ultrasonic vortex counter


More safety in interior coating

Sprimag has been manufacturing coating systems for the interior coating of tubes and cans for almost 100 years. The interior coating protects the contents of the tube or can from chemical interaction with the packaging material. This produces overspray, which is fine spray particles that can be dispersed into the ambient air during the spraying process. An important safety feature is therefore the monitoring of the minimum exhaust air volume in order to avoid an explosion hazard and not to exceed the limit values for pollutant loads. It must be ensured that the exhaust air is properly discharged according to DIN EN 1539 and that the preselected exhaust air volume is adequately regulated under the influence of different operating conditions.

This is done with the help of a vortex sensor: the decision of Sprimag's development department to use the renowned and technically leading Höntzsch ultrasonic vortex meters is a decision for quality and innovation "made in Germany".

Reliable measurements for highest quality

The Vortex sensor is installed in the exhaust air line of the indoor painting system and continuously measures the velocity and direction of the gas flow containing the paint mist. By analysing the measured data, the monitoring system can ensure that the paint mist is discharged correctly and that no harmful particles are released into the environment.

The monitoring system is able to detect unusual patterns or changes in the gas flow and independently readjust to the required default values within the wide control range. The quality and safety of tube and can production is significantly improved by the new system, and the exhaust air is discharged properly and in accordance with standards.

Multiple advantages guarantee maximum customer benefit

By choosing the Höntzsch Vortex flow sensor, all customer requirements were met. The sensor used delivers exact measured values in continuous operation up to 200°C exhaust gas temperature. Further benefits of the sensor used are the low start-up value, the functional safety (SIL), the fulfilment of the explosion protection for zones 2 and 22 in case an explosive atmosphere should occur despite all measures and the suitable choice of the sealing material for exhaust air containing solvents. The robust stainless steel vortex sensor head is easy to clean and its design reduces dirt adhesion.

Conclusion of the customer

"Overall, the use of the Höntzsch ultrasonic vortex counter has proven to be an effective method for monitoring the exhaust air of the interior painting machines and interior paint dryers and has helped to make Sprimag's production processes safer and more efficient." (Dietmar Ramminger, Design Manager at Sprimag)


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