Probe ZS30 ... ZG4

Probe ZS30 ... ZG4

Probe ZS30 ... ZG4 - for measuring low flow velocities - up to +350 °C - with connection housing

Cylindrical vane wheel sensor / insertion probe with probe diameter 30 mm and integrated transducer UFA (optional).

Probe material: stainless steel.

Working temperature range up to +350 °C.

Suitable for fixed measuring of actual flow velocity v [m/s] and flow rate V/t [m³/h, l/min] in clean gases and liquids, briefly also in particle-laden mediums. The low starting value of only 0.3 m/s has proved advantageous.

Signal evaluation with integrated transducer UFA (optional), handheld flowtherm NT.2 or flowtherm Ex, separate transducer UFA or system units.