Air mass flow measurement on engine test benches on the inlet and outlet side

Air mass flow measurement of the intake air of combustion engines

Process data

Measuring task:
Air mass flow measurement
Intake air combustion engine

Measuring point:
Intake side on engine block

Measuring range:
Depending on motor type

Process pressure:
Atmospheric suction

Process environment:
ambient temperature

Recommended products

Ultrasonic flow measurement device ExactSonic P for test bench applications for bidirectional and/or highly dynamic measurements

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Vortex flow measurement device ExactFlow II for test bench applications with higher pressures and/or corrosive gases

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The technical requirements for modern combustion engines continue to increase. Consumption is to be reduced, performance increased, and ideally with zero emissions. This poses major challenges for manufacturers. The legal conditions are becoming more and more stringent. High-precision measuring devices for the test benches are, of course, a must. The engine intake air flow measurement is one of the main applications here. High temporal resolution and very accurate measurements are required here. Depending on the engine type, also bidirectional and in different measuring ranges are necessary depending on the displacement.


Your advantage

Long-term stable
Vortex and ultrasonic runtime sensors are not subject to drift

The designs are robust against contamination

Our measuring instruments have been used successfully for years by well-known automotive manufacturers and in filter test benches

High resolution
Update rate up to 1 kHz

Bidirectional measurement
Reverse flow detection, heavy duty and low duty applications

Motor power testing stations for the automotive industry

For the determining the power balance of internal combustion engines requires accurate measurement of intake air mass flow and fuel consumption at a given power profile on the engine test bench. For the measurement of air mass on  motor test stations, Höntzsch offers two instrumentation solutions.

The ExactFlow II based on the proven contamination-insensitive vortex principle for measurements on the automotive test bench where balancing without strong influence of transient flow changes is required. This system has been successfully used for years in the field of engine test beds for combustion engines by well-known manufacturers in the automotive industry. The ExactSonic P based on the transit time difference of ultrasonic signals. This low pressure loss and highly dynamic system offers a temporal resolution of 1 KHz when used on the test bench.

This system provides precise data on the test bench for optimizing intake ducts, valves and turbochargers. In addition, the system uses bi-directional measurement to detect the back flow in engines with a small number of cylinders and corrects the mass flow accordingly. With the ExactSonic P, line cross-sections of up to 300 mm can be realized as standard for engine test benches.

The connection to the measurement data acquisition of the test benches is made either via classic analogue outputs and or via TCP / AK protocol.